Mutah University :: Towards a Better Learning Environment

 Vision, Mission and Goals

The vision of the College of Graduate Studies at Mu'tah University is to be an incubator for the leadership and excellence of the university students to reach them to a high level of competition and creativity in their specialties at the local and international levels. To be pioneers in the higher education sector, and to seek knowledge, discovery and the ability to think rationally and objectively through the provision of high-quality academic programs and the promotion of research efforts aimed at discovery and creativity

The message:
The pursuit of excellence in postgraduate studies through high quality graduate programs that meet the requirements of comprehensive development and global developments within the highest standards of quality, efficiency and excellence.


    Expand and upgrade graduate programs and ensure the quality of their outputs.
    Improve the level of doctoral dissertations and master's thesis and guide them towards community issues and national development needs.
    Enhanced cooperation and strategic partnerships at the local and global levels.
    Taking care of the students and providing them with scientific and academic consultations within a safe and stable environment.
    Organizing and following up graduate programs in coordination with various academic departments at the university.
    Develop and develop new graduate programs that meet the needs of the local and international labor market.
    Ensure the quality of graduate programs to a level that meets the quality standards applicable in international universities.
    Reviewing and developing the procedures and instructions related to graduate and postgraduate students.
    The preparation of bulletins, the directory of university messages and the statistics on postgraduate studies.
    Agreements and partnerships with institutions and universities at the local and international levels.
    Marketing for graduate programs locally, regionally and globally.
    To identify the need of the faculties of the university from scholarships in disciplines not available in the local market and enhance its competitive position locally, Arab and internationally.
    To conclude agreements and cooperation with prestigious foreign universities to enrich the knowledge level of postgraduate students enrolled in various programs.
    To design a system of graduate programs approved by the specialized bodies and covering all the specializations offered at the university.
    Adopting vital programs whose rehabilitation, scientific and research outputs will have an effective contribution to the development process of the Kingdom in its comprehensive sense in line with the Royal Vision.
    Provide all facilities and guidance for postgraduate students.
    Confirmation of the application of regulations governing postgraduate studies.
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